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Boroughs EP

by Boroughs

Our debut EP for your ears only



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In the span of less than a year, Boroughs have become one of Southern California’s most exciting and sought after Americana roots musical collectives.  The four-piece blends elements of country rock, gritty folk and soulful Americana reminiscent of the likes of early Neil Young, Ryan Adams, and Wilco. 

Charismatic singer-songwriter Kyle Neal poignantly sings stories of heartbreak, confusion, and love while guitarist JD Carrera adds an atmospheric back country feel to the record.  Bassist Derrick Wong and drummer Tyler Johnson round out the four-piece with one of the most methodical rhythm sections in Americana music today. 

After only a few months of playing Los Angeles area shows, Boroughs caught the attention of engineer/producer Josh Spiker of Tenacious D.  Spiker went on to record the band's self-titled debut EP.  The six track release highlights Neal’s warm vocals with additional harmonies by guest vocalists Natalie Nicoles (Branches), Natalie Meadors (Valley Queen), and Nicole Vaughn (Ranger).  

Kyle Neal’s ruthless yet relatable honesty is apparent throughout the release “the EP is inspired by me having a brain that isn’t always happy, altering my state to try to cope with that, making dumb decisions, regretting said decisions and then altering my state to cope.”  The result is a record that is beautifully warm yet achingly relatable.  The leading track “Keep it Up” narrates the story of a reckless youth, denial in that recklessness and struggling to keep it together in a world of expectation. In the catchy single “Alive” Neal struggles with the universal themes of abandonment and heartbreak. The final track “Enough” offers listeners hope with a powerful anthem of love and acceptance. 


Southern California band Boroughs serve up some laid-back Americana in the tradition of Wilco and Ryan Adams on their soon-to-be-released debut EP, and a great example of that warm, accessible sound is their newest single “Keep It Up”.

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Like Southern California kindred spirits Olin and the Moon, L.A. quartet Boroughs embraces the finery of traditional Americana, rolling influences like Wilco, Ryan Adams and Tom Petty into an inviting ball of melody and sincerity.

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...Neal’s lyrics can pull at your heart strings just like those of [Ryan] Adams.

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